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Intelligent Digital Ecosystems: How Rethinking Technology Will Expand Your Mind And Change Your World (Hardcover)

Intelligent Digital Ecosystems: How Rethinking Technology Will Expand Your Mind And Change Your World By Janak Alford Cover Image
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Turn Technology from a Threat into a Limitless Opportunity.

"From examining the omnipresence of data and algorithms in our daily lives to the potential dangers that human ambition has already unleashed, Intelligent Digital Ecosystems is a visionary, timely, and essential primer for the future." - Self-Publish Review

"An fascinating and original work full of fresh insights and perspectives." - Tristan Gooley, Natural Navigator

The way you are using technology today is wrong. It is hurting your mental and physical health while damaging the environment and the economy. It is limiting your potential. But there is a better way.

Drawing inspiration from the human microbiome, entrepreneur and CTO Janak Alford illustrates a compelling new world of human and technological potential. Using simple language and rich visuals, Alford offers a blueprint for how to rebuild your digital life from the ground up. By replacing your operating systems, apps, and personal devices with intelligent ecosystems, he shows how you can use this template to grow your personal agency and become a powerhouse in the digital domain.

Intelligent Digital Ecosystems is an inquiry into a universe where technology becomes a symbiotic partner capable of expanding human intelligence in new and powerful ways. Navigating the many numerous opportunities and pitfalls ahead, this generation-spanning exploration challenges our understanding of intelligence, culture, and creativity while providing a conceptual glimpse into the humans we might become tomorrow.

Take control of your life, amplify your intelligence, and become the architect of tomorrow's possibilities. Don't wait any longer - pick up your own copy to embark on this transformative journey today

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ISBN: 9780228873013
ISBN-10: 0228873010
Publisher: Symaiotics
Publication Date: July 1st, 2023
Pages: 448
Language: English