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The War of the End of the World: A Novel (Paperback)

The War of the End of the World: A Novel By Mario Vargas Llosa, Helen Lane (Translated by) Cover Image
By Mario Vargas Llosa, Helen Lane (Translated by)
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Deep within the remote backlands of nineteenth-century Brazil lies Canudos, home to all the damned of the earth: prostitutes, bandits, beggars, and every kind of outcast. It is a place where history and civilization have been wiped away. There is no money, no taxation, no marriage, no census. Canudos is a cauldron for the revolutionary spirit in its purest form, a state with all the potential for a true, libertarian paradise--and one the Brazilian government is determined to crush at any cost.

In perhaps his most ambitious and tragic novel, Mario Vargas Llosa tells his own version of the real story of Canudos, inhabiting characters on both sides of the massive, cataclysmic battle between the society and government troops. The resulting novel is a fable of Latin American revolutionary history, an unforgettable story of passion, violence, and the devastation that follows from fanaticism.

About the Author

Mario Vargas Llosa is Peru's foremost author and the winner of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Literature. In 1994 he was awarded the Cervantes Prize, the Spanish-speaking world's most distinguished literary honor, and in 1995 he won the Jerusalem Prize. His many distinguished works include The Storyteller, The Feast of the Goat, Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter, Death in the Andes, In Praise of the Stepmother, The Bad Girl, Conversation in the Cathedral, The Way to Paradise, and The War of the End of the World. He lives in London.

Helen Lane contributed to In Praise of the Stepmother from Picador.

Praise For…

“A modern tragedy on the grand scale . . . As dark as spilled blood.” —Salman Rushdie, The New Republic

“A vast, fantastic, thunderous novel.” —The Times (UK)

“A magnificent storyteller . . . [Vargas Llosa] gives us a cast of unforgettable characters swept up in the upheaval. . . . This is the work of a master, coming into full realization of his powers.” —The Boston Sunday Globe

“His masterpiece.” —Madison Smartt Bell

“An extraordinary achievement. The author gives a wonderfully vivid and impartial picture of individuals and communities.” —The Guardian (UK)

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ISBN: 9780312427986
ISBN-10: 0312427980
Publisher: Picador
Publication Date: July 22nd, 2008
Pages: 576
Language: English