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Houseplants for Beginners: A Simple Guide for New Plant Parents for Making Houseplants Thrive (New Shoe Press) (Paperback)

Houseplants for Beginners: A Simple Guide for New Plant Parents for Making Houseplants Thrive (New Shoe Press) By Lisa Eldred Steinkopf Cover Image
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Choose the right houseplants for your space and then help them thrive with Houseplants for Beginners at your side.

Having happy, healthy plants can make a space feel happy and healthy too. They add color, texture, and beauty—and can also improve air quality. For new plant parents eager for these benefits, this affordable, adapted edition of Houseplants by Lisa Eldred Steinkopf offers easy-to-understand information and advice.

Each chapter deals with a key element of houseplant care, including light, water, soil, potting, and containers. The book also offers details on how to pick the right plants for your specific living situation

Go beyond just keeping your plants alive to understanding how to make them thrive. With Houseplants for Beginners, you will learn:
  • How to choose the right plants for your space and lifestyle 
  • The specific needs of each plant species you have chosen
  • Care essentials, including light, soil, and watering basics

This book is organized to take you from starter plants to caring for more adventurous choices like tropical, climbing, and flowering species. This is the resource you can depend on to take you from your very first plant to seasoned plant parent.

About the Author

Lisa Eldred Steinkopf is The Houseplant Guru, who features all things houseplants on her blog, She is the author of Houseplants and Grow in the Dark and has written for, Real Simple magazine, Michigan Gardener Magazine, the houseplant section of Allan Armitage’s Greatest Perennials and Annuals app, and Michigan Gardening Magazine, where she writes a monthly column. She worked for more than a decade at Steinkopf Nursery as the Annuals and Houseplants Manager, and has been interviewed online, in print, and on TV about houseplants. She harbors well over 1,000 houseplants in her home.

Praise For…

"Steinkopf emphasizes getting to know your plants through hands-on maintenance while acknowledging how plants enhance your home and benefit your own wellbeing."The American Gardener

"In a refreshing departure from traditional gardening literature, ¡Verdura! fills a void by providing projects that are
both meaningful and financially feasible. It not only serves as a practical guide but also promotes a sense of connection,
encouraging readers to embark on their gardening adventures regardless of their level of expertise or available space."
The American Gardener
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ISBN: 9780760383902
ISBN-10: 0760383901
Publisher: New Shoe Press
Publication Date: December 19th, 2023
Pages: 144
Language: English
Series: New Shoe Press