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Between Heaven and Earth: New Explorations of Great Biblical Texts (Hardcover)

Between Heaven and Earth: New Explorations of Great Biblical Texts By Linda M. Maloney (Translator), Gerhard Lohfink Cover Image
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In this book New Testament scholar Gerhard Lohfink interprets a spectrum of biblical texts, some familiar, others not. He explores them in a spirit of curiosity, questions them insistently, and confronts them with the realities of our present day, from COVID-19 to the inner loneliness experienced by so many.

In light of central biblical texts Lohfink asks: What would a life look like today if it were wholly in the world and at the same time wholly in God--sweeping joyously between heaven and earth--aware of the immeasurable breadth of the universe and still able to marvel at the tiniest flower--knowing the depths of the human heart and being comforted by a child's smile?

This book takes up the colorful threads of many Old and New Testament texts and weaves from them a many-hued tapestry of biblical theology. It reveals things unknown, sheds new light on things known, and is full of surprises. It speaks not only to the curious or the "nones" who want to know more about the Christian message; it is addressed to everyone who senses a desire to understand the Bible better and more deeply.
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ISBN: 9780814667323
ISBN-10: 0814667325
Publisher: Liturgical Press
Publication Date: August 18th, 2022
Pages: 376
Language: English