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Colour Blind: Struggles, Sacrifice and Success of the Cricket Legend (Paperback)

Colour Blind: Struggles, Sacrifice and Success of the Cricket Legend By Alvin Kallicharran, Robert Caine Cover Image
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From growing up in a tiny village, Port Mourant, Berbice, to amassing over six decades of cricketing experience, former West Indies cricketer Alvin Kallicharran has a lot to offer to the cricketing world. Having been through ups and downs, fighting adversities and overcoming challenges, he feels his experiences and influences will help upcoming young cricketers to understand that success comes with hard work and dedication. He firmly believes that principles, virtues, and values will last a lifetime and that it is only with patience that success is achieved. "When my wife, Patsy, motivated me to write this book as a way of giving back to the kids, I thought long and hard about it. I could have written about my successes. But having worked with kids from different backgrounds and countries over the last 16 years and the devotion I have in creating sports careers, I decided to change the whole angle of the book.

The more I wrote, the clearer it became that the story I wanted to share was my journey of overcoming adversities, hardships and struggles to achieve success." - Alvin Kallicharran Colour Blind is filled with colourful stories, colourful events, and colourblind cricketers, just like Alvin.

The book reinstates the fact that sport is the ultimate equaliser and that the ball knows no colour."I have played cricket with Alvin Kallicharran for a long time. He was my hero, and was playing much before I broke into the cricket scene. I wish him all the success, good health and happiness." - Kapil Dev, Former Indian Cricketer

"Colour Blind is not your usual cricket autobiography, offering some personal background and the occasional cricketing insight but more often than not padded with details of runs scored, wickets taken, catches held and missed, and other mundane details that can be easily looked up elsewhere. In Kallicharran's autobiography, his life and cricket experiences are narrated only to bring out what he calls the 'principles, virtues, and values that] will last a lifetime.' Each chapter concludes with a set of 'Key Takeaways' and 'Action Steps'. Read this book and make up your own mind." - N. Ram, Chairman, The Hindu Publishing Group

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ISBN: 9781646507382
ISBN-10: 164650738X
Publisher: Notion Press Media Pvt Ltd
Publication Date: September 10th, 2019
Pages: 230
Language: English