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The Wuhan Incident: Bioweapons and the Emerging Global Reset (Hardcover)

The Wuhan Incident: Bioweapons and the Emerging Global Reset By Mark Fulmer Cover Image
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The Wuhan Incident: Bioweapons and the Emerging Global Reset begins with a look at "COVID-19 Ground Zero" in Wuhan China. The book picks up where the lab leak theory leaves off to propose a hypothesis which raises the question: Could this virus be the result of a biological weapon of mass destruction that was engineered with the nefarious intent of global disruption? Whether it was due to an intentional or accidental viral release (lab leak), the author presents his perspective that COVID was weaponized to create a convenient opportunity for a "Global Reset." From his research and 20 years of experience as a subject matter expert in bioterrorism response planning, the author develops a case for a bioweapons hypothesis through the following areas: the threat posed by Communist China, an explanation of the basics of bioterrorism, a look into the Wuhan Lab (WIV), viral properties of COVID which are highly suspect for the engineering of a bioweapon, deceit, and propaganda in the aftermath of Wuhan and a global reset crisis by powerful elites. Written like a spell binding Bourne novel, Dr. Fulmer uses his vast expertise to take the "accidental" viral release of the COVID-19 virus into the realm of bioterrorism. Set in an age of unprecedented global threats from both seen and unseen organizations, Dr. Fulmer compiles compelling evidence of global threat. - Major US Army (ret) Thomas Bradshaw Mark Fulmer's Bioweapons & the Emerging Global Reset is a patriots must read from Baby-boomers to Gena Z. Essentially, this book is a reminder of our clarion call to defend the soul of America. It lays out American experiment...its fundamental question about our inalienable rights, our natural law versus the collective and big government. - Geoffrey R. Mitchell, PhD, Ronald Reagan Conservatives American Scholar & Founder/CEO MPACGROUP & Associates, LLC. Mark Fulmer has years of experience and a substantial background in the field of bioterrorism. He is an influential American Patriot whose voice should be heard. - Dr. Frank Harber, President & Chief Legal Counsel, Defending the Faith Alliance Mark Fulmer is a retired bioterrorism preparedness coordinator and senior emergency response planner with 20 years of experience in local and state government. His background also includes disease outbreak investigation in public health epidemiology. Mark served also as a subject matter expert in biological health threats for the North Texas Council of Governments Regional Emergency Preparedness Council. Mark is currently involved in conservative political activism and is the president and founder of Christian Patriots Forum, an organization which provides an engagement platform for Christian Constitutional Conservatives. He also is a professional speaker for local churches and patriot events.
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ISBN: 9781662848803
ISBN-10: 1662848803
Publisher: Liberty Hill Publishing
Publication Date: July 26th, 2022
Pages: 206
Language: English