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Batter Their Walls, Gates and Forts: The Proceedings of the 2022 English Civil War Fortress Symposium (Century of the Soldier) (Paperback)

Batter Their Walls, Gates and Forts: The Proceedings of the 2022 English Civil War Fortress Symposium (Century of the Soldier) By Stephen Ede-Borrett (Editor), David Flintham (Editor) Cover Image
By Stephen Ede-Borrett (Editor), David Flintham (Editor)
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Sieges dominated the English Civil Wars: one study suggests that for every major battle there were perhaps as many as eight sieges, and probably more than 200 towns, castles, and country homes in England were besieged. However, sieges and fortifications have long been the poor relation in the histories of the period. While up and down the country, numerous siege-sites and fortresses are being studied by historians and archaeologists, so much of this is being done in relative isolation, and unlike the study of battles, seldom has there been an opportunity to bring this research together, to present and compare findings.

To provide a forum for experts and the curious alike to share results and to learn from one another was a key driver behind the first ever conference dedicated to the study of fortress warfare during the English Civil Wars. Newark-upon-Trent was besieged three times during the English Civil Wars, and is home to perhaps the best surviving fortifications in the country. It was appropriate, therefore, that the town should host the English Civil War Fortress Symposium in November 2022.

The co-hosts of the symposium, the Battlefields Trust, and the Fortress Study Group have both run their own conferences in the past, but this symposium was the first time that these two internationally renowned organizations have come together to stage a joint event. The success of the symposium was a recognition of the standing of both societies, as well as the efforts of the organizers. But most importantly, it was a demonstration of the interest in this important topic.

The symposium brought together a variety of projects and studies covering the archaeology of sieges, fortifications and the public, and the challenges, approaches and results connected to the rediscovery and preservation of fortifications.

The papers in this book of proceedings include:

Peter Gaunt - Keynote speaker

Richard Leese - Moreton Corbet

David Flintham - King's Lynn under siege

Kevin Winter - The sieges and fortifications of Newark-Upon-Trent

Nick Arnold - Uncovering a small fort in Devon

David Radf - Defences and siegeworks of Oxford.
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