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Made by Mary (Paperback)

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Ann is desperate for the children she can't have because of a medical condition. Her mother Mary, a 50-year-old self-described pagan, hopes to make amends for her maternal neglect. Together, they plunge into the expensive, morally complex world of reproductive technology and an intimacy neither they, nor Ann's husband, Joe, is prepared for. Under fi nancial pressure to pay for the process, Joe goes behind Ann's back and agrees to help Mary grow a marijuana crop in her attic. Ann struggles with the rigors and enforced togetherness of the reproductive regime. And Mary's delight in being a bountiful earth mother is o set by the physical ordeal of bearing multiple fetuses. The stakes escalate as the police start sni ng around the grow house, a ritual goes tragically awry and the pregnancy becomes more perilous, forcing Ann, Joel and Mary to confront the potentially calamitous consequences of pursuing their deepest desires.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781936196074
ISBN-10: 1936196077
Publisher: C&r Press
Publication Date: June 1st, 2017
Pages: 342
Language: English