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Testimonies to the Truth: Why You Can Trust the Gospels (Paperback)

Testimonies to the Truth: Why You Can Trust the Gospels By Lydia McGrew Cover Image
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Christians should be prepared to defend and share their faith, even while wrestling with doubts and questions that arise from within and without. With thousands of books out there-not to mention content on social media-where do we start? Testimonies to the Truth, Lydia McGrew's fourth book on New Testament reliability, provides a great starting point. With a heart for evangelism, equipping believers, and scholarship, McGrew brings together new arguments and old ones in a form that is readily accessible to laymen while being careful and rigorous. With these arguments in hand, you will never be stumped when someone asks, "Why should I believe what the Bible says about the life and teachings of Jesus?" Above all, McGrew points to Jesus himself, true God and true man, the One who teaches, loves, and suffers for us, described by the Gospels in vivid and credible detail. Including suggested study and discussion questions and references for further reading and research, Testimonies to the Truth provides an excellent resource for personal study, Sunday School, high school and college classes, and small groups.

Categories of evidence covered include:

  • Undesigned coincidences-puzzle-like connections between the details in different Gospel stories.
  • Little-known facts from outside the Bible that confirm details in the Gospels.
  • Unexplained allusions and unnecessary details-little things that the authors mention apparently just because they are true.
  • The personalities of Peter, Martha, and Mary in stories from different Gospels.
  • The unified personality of Jesus himself.
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ISBN: 9781947929234
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Publisher: Deward Publishing
Publication Date: January 25th, 2023
Pages: 276
Language: English