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Book of the Cold (Paperback)

Book of the Cold By Antonio Gamoneda, Katherine M. Hedeen (Translator), Victor Rodríguez Núñez (Translator) Cover Image
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BOOK OF THE COLD is the long-overdue English translation of legendary Spanish poet Antonio Gamoneda's 1992 long poem--a surreal, folkloric, modernist masterpiece between poetry and prose.

When a younger generation of Spanish poets began to awaken and stretch their creative limbs at the dawn of a post-Franco era, what they found, intensified by decades of resistance and years of silence, was the beacon of Antonio Gamoneda's mature poetry. His evocative sensual palette--the scent, feel, taste, and sound of conflicted experience, a lurching between the repellent and the irresistible--is virtually without comparison. But the real miracle of his work is how he combines that flashy richness with such syntactical concision, and with a folkloric strangeness peculiar to his work alone. The extraordinary translation by Katherine Hedeen and Victor Rodr guez N ez maintains the compression of the Spanish by often allowing the agency carried by a Spanish verb to be absorbed completely into the English verb. So, for example, 'Fing 'a un rostro' becomes 'Faked a face.' And so in English, as in Spanish, the verb, not the subject, controls the sentence-- Forrest Gander

Antonio Gamoneda's BOOK OF THE COLD, a long poem in the modernist tradition, is an undisputed masterpiece by Spain's greatest living poet. In this sensitive and alert translation, Hedeen and N ez have captured the epic sweep of Gamoneda's distinctive cadences, halfway between prose and verse. This translation, long overdue, will reveal the full extent of Gamoneda's genius to English-speaking readers.--Jonathan Mayhew

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ISBN: 9781954218031
ISBN-10: 1954218036
Publisher: World Poetry Books
Publication Date: May 10th, 2022
Pages: 128
Language: English