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Space Travel: Beyond the Limits of Earth (Paperback)

Space Travel: Beyond the Limits of Earth By Sofia Cover Image
By Sofia
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Start an exciting journey through space with "Space Travel: Beyond the Limits of Earth." Readers of this fascinating book are taken on an exciting trip through the universe to learn about the newest discoveries and advances in space travel. This book tells you everything you need to know about the amazing things that are happening in space right now, from the first trips to Mars and the Moon to the cutting edge technology that is taking us to the stars.

Learn about the important events in the history of space travel, such as the first landings on the moon, robotic missions to faraway planets, and how space agencies have changed over time. Learn about the complex design of spaceships, rocketry, and the systems that move us beyond the limits of Earth. Find out how to make the latest improvements in guidance, communication, and life support systems that are necessary for people to live in the universe.

Sofia, a well-known space enthusiast and expert, wrote this book, which mixes science information with an easy-to-understand story. "Space Travel" will make you curious about the human race's quest to go beyond the limits of our home world, whether you're a space fanatic or someone who has never been interested in the universe before.

Find out what the hottest topics are in space travel right now, from settling on Mars and sending people to the moon to mining asteroids and looking for life on other planets. This book will take you to the cutting edge of space exploration in 2023 and give you a look at the opportunities and difficulties that lie ahead. Take a trip into space and join the exciting story of "Space Travel: Beyond the Limits of Earth."

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ISBN: 9789358686968
ISBN-10: 9358686960
Publisher: Self Publisher
Publication Date: November 19th, 2023
Pages: 76
Language: English