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Souls: How Jesus Saves Sinners (Paperback)

Souls: How Jesus Saves Sinners By Matthew Everhard Cover Image
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Each and every one of us possesses a living soul, as well as a physical body.

The soul is the spiritual aspect of our human nature that will persist alive, even after our last heartbeat. But far too few of us give the soul any thought or attention whatsoever. What happens to the soul at the moment of death? The friends of Socrates, for instance, worried that the soul might simply blow away in the wind after death and dissipate forever.

What does the Bible say about the soul?

In this short book, Dr. Matthew Everhard attempts to give the reader a concise exposition of the gospel of Jesus Christ. In these brief pages, he explains that our souls were made to serve and adore our creator, our Heavenly Father. But with the advent of sin into the world at the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3), mankind was plunged into ruin and loss. The soul of man is now in jeopardy. Yet because of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Savior, we can have our sins forgiven and be filled with the Holy Spirit. Not only can the soul be saved, but the body too will one day be resurrected to eternal life. Much of our mission in this life, then, is to preach the good news of the gospel so that the souls of many other sinners can be reclaimed by the grace of God through faith in His Son.

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ISBN: 9798986509020
Publisher: Ichthus Publications
Publication Date: November 1st, 2022
Pages: 180
Language: English