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New Handbook for a Post-Roe America (Kobo eBook)

New Handbook for a Post-Roe America By Robin Marty, Amanda Palmer Cover Image
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A completely new edition of Robin Marty's bestselling manual on what to do now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned.

The New Handbook for a Post-Roe America is a comprehensive and user-friendly manual for understanding and preparing for the looming changes to reproductive rights law, and getting the health care you need. Activist and writer Robin Marty guides readers through various worst-case scenarios of a post-Roe America, and offers ways to fight back, including: how to acquire financial support, how to use existing networks and create new ones, and how to, when required, work outside existing legal systems. She details how to plan for your own emergencies, how to start organizing now, what to know about self-managed abortion care with pills and/or herbs, and how to avoid surveillance.

The only guidebook of its kind, The New Handbook for a Post-Roe America includes new chapters that cover the needs and tools available for pregnant people across the country. This new edition features extensively updated information on abortion legality and access in the United States, and approximately one hundred pages of new content, covering such topics as independent alternatives to Planned Parenthood, "auntie networks," taxpayer-funded abortions, and using social media wisely in the age of surveillance.

Product Details
ISBN-13: 9781644210598
Publisher: Seven Stories Press
Publication Date: March 29th, 2021